End of Aging

Day 20 – October 21st

I’m still on a work trip to the West Coast, but I came across the newest Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell video on Aging. Watch it below:

Isn’t it fantastic? Framing a scientific topic using the lens of philosophy and morality is an amazing way to communicate the full implications of such an extremely bizarre future – a future with no aging. Being that concise, informative, and entertaining is second nature to Kurzgesagt and why I named them one of my favorite “Edutainers” of 2017.

This post is going to be a short one. I want to ask the same question as the end of the video – If you could choose how long you got to live in perfect health with all your friends and family, how long would you want to live? And why – to learn more, to earn more, to experience more, to eat more, to sleep more, to be more? Let me know by commenting.

Until Tomorrow!


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