Strike One

I was afraid of how far I would get before life and other factors got in my way of my 365 goal, and it turns out Day 23 was my first big hurdle. Yesterday I had every intention of writing and publishing a new post, but I woke up with the worst headache, body pain, sinus pain, and throat soreness I’ve probably had in my life.


The morning started with me abruptly waking up because my head felt like an overfilled balloon and my throat felt like I had swallowed a bed of nails. Moving around made the room spin, and if I wasn’t completely still, the pounding in my head would not subside. It felt like someone had hit me over the head repeatedly with a sack of bricks. My ears were muffled, my eyes were teary, my nose was plugged, and my body was useless. Everyone knows the feeling, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

giphy (1)
Okay, maybe Malfoy

So instead of doing work and writing yesterday, I promptly slept for close to 24 hours. I woke up just to say hi to my cousins (whose place I was crashing at) and then to leave for the airport. Oh, did I not mention I was flying all day today? Just a little icing on top of a series of unfortunate events that is the cake of my life at the moment. For all those who haven’t experienced the joys of dlying (that is dying and flying squished together), flying while sick has to be one of the shittest feelings in the world. Being in a series of tiny metal tubes, packed together so tightly you can literally feel the breath of the person to your right – thanks 15 E – makes all the symptoms of being sick 10x worst.

No I don’t want to talk, Gary. Leave me alone.

I guess flu season really showed up this year, but I will take this as a lesson going forward. I knew that I might miss a day here or there throughout the year, but having it happen once under 1 month is a wake up call that I need to be more organized. I am a little sad that the streak is broken, but I’m not going to stop this challenge to myself or for my readers. So today, I will be publishing one more post to make up for the sick day yesterday.

giphy (2)
I know y’all are this excited!

Until Tom…Later Today!

Post 23 – October 25th

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