Edutainment in 2017

Day 8 – October 9th

Its obvious that in the last 10-15 years, there has been a shift in the idea of education as more of a universal human right and less of an institution protected by academic gatekeepers. With the internet, no longer is the sole exposure and quality of education demarcated based on the wealth of your school district or university. Indeed, one of the wonderful consequences of having the collective intelligence of humanity within hands reach 24/7 is that we are able to learn about a variety of topics that interest us at any point in our lives.

Enter the world of edutainment on YouTube. These days, you can find educational channels on YouTube that provide manageable and easily digestible introductions to new and interesting topics that cover almost anything.

Today I wanted to spotlight some of these channels that are endlessly entertaining, educational, and have helped me on my life-long quest to continue learning.


For math geeks and people who just like to have their minds blown, Numberphile is here for you. This is one of those channels that doesn’t have the highest production quality – usually it is just a mathematician, a piece of brown paper, and an idea – but what it lacks in visual effects it more than makes up for in its ability to bring high level mathematics to the masses. Though this is more a niche channel for the more mathematically curious, the producer of the channel, Brady Haran, has other excellent educational channels on YouTube that dive into other topics, including Sixty Symbols and Computerphile.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 

Almost the exact opposite of Numberphile in both its scope of information and its production quality, Kerzgesagt is one of the best general education channels on YouTube. From the outstanding animations and sound design to the concise and illuminating scripts, there is not a better channel that helps to bring scientific phenomena to life. I’ve been impressed with every video that I’ve seen of In a Nutshell, and so will you.


This is one of those channels that is carried on by one man, his incredibly high-speed camera, and his thirst to understand the world using science. Destin Sandlin is one of those online educators whose love and enthusiasm for different branches of science is contagious and addictive. Though the videos can be a bit sporadic in topic, watching Destin explain real world phenomena through the understanding of physics and chemistry is like watching a puzzle being solved. His approach to problem solving using the scientific method ensures that all of his viewers gain that “aha” moment while watching.

Crash Course

This channel is possibly the closest thing in the world of edutainment to having an actual class syllabus. Started by the Green brothers, this channel has full seasons devoted to everything you might learn in school, but using a more visual and compelling medium than a textbook. The seasons have covered everything from world history and politics, to literature and philosophy, to physics and astronomy. These aren’t shallow bites of information either – each subject is usually around 30+ episodes long and will definitely round out your education.

There it is – my top 4 edutainment channels on YouTube! The above channels have had a very real impact on my understanding of the world and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Stay curious – and until tomorrow!


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