Does Healthcare Care?

I wrote a post for my startup, Weeve Enterprise Solutions, about the issue with current employee engagement solutions in the world of healthcare. I thought I would share it here as a good way to restart posting on this medium. If you enjoy, please visit us at for more information and reach out to … Continue reading Does Healthcare Care?


Ghosts & the FCC

This feels like a mashup piece. When I say the dead have risen, hiding amongst us, what comes to mind? If you said Halloween, you'd of course be wrong. Every day in 2017 has news that sounds as if it is straight out of a horror author's playbook - but no, I'm not taking about … Continue reading Ghosts & the FCC

Investigation Mini-Boss

If you haven't heard, Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed an indictment against Paul Manafort and his buddy, Richard Gates. Manafort is being indicted for the time before and during when he was then-candidate Trump's campaign chairman last summer. If that wasn't enough, George Papadopoulos, who use to be a foreign policy adviser to the Trump … Continue reading Investigation Mini-Boss

Michigan Tour – Ode to Fall

Fall is here in all its wonder, with chilled air and leaves asunder. People dressed as ghouls and ghosts, drinking cider coast to coast. Cherish these last haunting weeks, for Winter comes and coldness creeps. The weather, the food, the drink - I'm smitten, Fall is truly the best in the Mitten. Until Tomorrow! Post … Continue reading Michigan Tour – Ode to Fall