This feels like a mashup piece. When I say the dead have risen, hiding amongst us, what comes to mind? If you said Halloween, you'd of course be wrong. Every day in 2017 has news that sounds as if it is straight out of a horror author's playbook - but no, I'm not taking about... Continue Reading →

Start-Up Cycle

Day 21 – October 22nd After living in the bay area of California, it can seem like there are successful startups around every corner. Indeed, as many of my reader know, I am bootstrapping one myself that solves a tangible and meaningful problem. I promise I will go public about that soon, but until then,... Continue Reading →

Michigan Internet Trouble

Day 18 – October 19th A few days after writing about Michigan and a day after writing about the FCC's newest roadmap to dismantle net neutrality, my state has garnered unwanted attention because of a terrible bill championed by Michigan Freshman Representative Michele Hoitenga. The bill, likely written by ISPs, tries to prevent communities from... Continue Reading →

FCC votes on Net Neutrality

Day 17 - October 18th Another day, another way to screw over American consumers, am I right? Ajit Pai, the current chairman of the FCC and former Verizon lawyer (what, conflict of interest...what is that?!) is expected to circulate the text of his rule and announce a vote to undercut net neutrality in this country... Continue Reading →

The Trust in Privacy

Day 11 – October 12th Last week, I wrote my annual piece about this year's line of new Google hardware, reviewing such products as the Pixel 2, Pixelbook, and the product under the spotlight today: the Google Home Mini. A few days ago, Artem Russakovskii, a reviewer who received a test Google Home Mini, discovered... Continue Reading →

Edutainment in 2017

Day 8 - October 9th Its obvious that in the last 10-15 years, there has been a shift in the idea of education as more of a universal human right and less of an institution protected by academic gatekeepers. With the internet, no longer is the sole exposure and quality of education demarcated based on... Continue Reading →

Crypto Fever

Day 7 - October 8th For just about a year, I've been very interested in the world of cryptocurrency. In that time, I've been very observant of the market side movements, the underlying technology, and the ideology that the crypto movement is based on. Before I start writing my thoughts on very specific crypto topics,... Continue Reading →

Google’s HardKnocks and Soft Landings

Day 4 - October 5th Exactly a year ago I wrote a piece on Google's event that launched their flagship line of hardware-first products, including the Google Home, WiFi, DayDream, and of course, the Pixel. Go check out that article about my initial impressions of Google's first foray into hardware and see if some of... Continue Reading →

Google’s Mix of Hard and Soft

Yesterday Google held an event dedicated to showcasing the new line of hardware that the company is rolling out in Q4 of this year. The primary focus was to display the marriage between the new hardware direction of the company and the tried-and-true software products that have made Skyn...ahem I mean Google successful in the past.... Continue Reading →

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