Day 16 – October 17th

Today has been a day of travel for me, so this post is going to be abbreviated. Last Sunday, actress Alyssa Milano used her Twitter account to encourage women to tweet the words #MeToo if they have ever experienced sexually harassment or assault. In the past 24 hours, the hashtag had been tweeted nearly half a million times, but it’s not just blowing up on Twitter. On Facebook, many of my personal friends and family have used this hashtag to tell the world of a time they’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted so that the real magnitude of the problem can be appreciated and recognized. And that is exactly the goal that Milano had in mind – to give people a sense of the scale and ubiquity of the problem.

Because I want to respect those that have shared their personal experiences but still want to highlight the importance of this moment, I have decided to link to a public askReddit thread where both women and men of Reddit share their “Me Too” stories. You can read how the culture of rampant sexual assault has impacted real people and learn first-hand about the magnitude of the problem.

Click here to view that thread.

Warning: some of these stories are graphic in nature so please be prepared when reading them.

Until Tomorrow!


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