Another One

It seems that consumers just can't win anymore in America. I already wrote about the FCC trying to kill net neutrality, and how ISP duopolies are trying to kill municipal competition through local governments - both things that if kept alive would be great for protecting consumers against the reigns of big industry players. And now, Americans … Continue reading Another One


Strike One

I was afraid of how far I would get before life and other factors got in my way of my 365 goal, and it turns out Day 23 was my first big hurdle. Yesterday I had every intention of writing and publishing a new post, but I woke up with the worst headache, body pain, … Continue reading Strike One

Michigan Internet Trouble

Day 18 – October 19th A few days after writing about Michigan and a day after writing about the FCC's newest roadmap to dismantle net neutrality, my state has garnered unwanted attention because of a terrible bill championed by Michigan Freshman Representative Michele Hoitenga. The bill, likely written by ISPs, tries to prevent communities from … Continue reading Michigan Internet Trouble